Man sentenced after bringing a knife to a Fredericton club

October 15, 2013
For The New Brunswick Beacon


A Fredericton man is sentenced to 25 days in jail after a breach of probation.

Travis Howard Losier, 24, plead guilty in court this morning in connection with an incident that occurred Sunday night.

Two officers from the Fredericton Police Force were patrolling the downtown area when they were approached by an employee of iRock Nightclub who said there was a man inside with a knife sticking out of his pocket.

When the officers arrived, Losier was standing outside with a black sweatshirt pulled up over his head and a steak knife in his pocket. He was drunk.

Losier is not to consume drugs or alcohol, according to terms laid out by a British Columbia court in 2010 based on a previous conviction. This is not his first breach resulting in a jail sentence.

Losier works when he can but is officially unemployed.

“He has a significant drug and alcohol problem,” said the Defense.

“I have been having problems with drinking for the past couple of years,” said Losier.

He told the court he was attacked by a random group of people, uptown, on Sunday morning. They left, but told him they were going to come back. At this point, Losier went home and put the steak knife in his pocket for self-defense. He later got drunk and went to iRock, forgetting the knife was there.

“You are going to have to relook at your life,” said Judge Mary Jane Richards. “Most people don’t hang around with people who get jumped and stabbed.”

“I know, I’m doing that,” Losier told Judge Richards. He smugly stood with his hands on his hips. He wore a black and red hooded sweater, and rolled his eyes and scoffed when he was sentenced to time in jail.

“I just need to take care of my dog,” Losier told the court.

Losier’s dog has been alone in his apartment since his arrest on Sunday night. He said his mother was out of town and he couldn’t get in contact with anyone else.

“This is terrible if you had a dog there [in your apartment] for two days,” said Judge Richards. “I don’t know why someone like you would have a dog. You obviously can’t look after a dog.”

Judge Richards suggested Losier give his keys to a friend who was observing in the courtroom, who then could either take care of the dog or call the SPCA.

“I can’t, so there goes everything I have,” said Losier.

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