Man Pleads Guilty After Road Rages Gets Out of Control

November 16, 2012
Class Assignment


Joel Darren McNevin was frustrated with the black SUV in front of him as he approached the Westmoreland Street Bridge from the north side. He pulled his motorcycle into the left lane and accelerated, gesturing with his middle finger as he passed.  Both vehicles came to a stop at the intersection between King Street and Regent Street. The driver of the SUV rolled down his window and accused McNevin of cutting him off. McNevin uttered a racial slur that “begins with an N and referenced the driver’s African American heritage.” Marcus Daniel Mcintyre got out of his SUV and punched McNevin in the side of the head, knocking McNevin and his bike to the ground and smashing the back of the nearby 2012 Honda Civic. Mcintyre proceeded to punch McNevin another four times.


Mcintyre plead guilty to two counts of mischief and one count of assault in connection with the July 10 incident on Monday.

The Crown asked that Mcintyre receive a large fine, probation and anger management courses to deal with his road rage. They requested Mcintyre pay for the damages to the Honda Civic and McNevin’s motorcycle and helmet.

“My client feels really bad, he knows he did wrong,” said Defense attorney Gordon Shepard. “He is prepared to do right.”

“I’m sorry and if I could do it again, I’d definitely handle it a lot differently,” said Mcintyre, who has an extensive criminal record and has taken anger management in the past.

Judge Julian Dickson sentenced Mcintyre to six months probation in addition to a 517 dollar fine, mandatory anger management and to paying the 873 dollars for the Honda’s damages.

Judge Dickson decided not to make Mcintyre pay the $1004 in damages to McNevin.

“I want to make very clear, language like that will not be tolerated,” said Judge Dickson of McNevin’s racial slur.

Judge Dickson warned Mcintyre not to do something like this again.

“Taking the law into your hands will not be tolerated,” added Dickson.

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