Man Sentenced After Sleeping in Neighbour’s Bed

March 14, 2012
Class Assignment


A 41-year-old Fredericton man has been sentenced to four months in prison after breaking into a home and sleeping in a stranger’s bed.

Paul Alban Hughes of Fredericton, New Brunswick, originally pleaded not guilty to charges of mischief. He later changed his plea to guilty during his trial on March 2.

An intoxicated Hughes arrived at the home of his girlfriend in the early morning of August 12. She called the police, but when RCMP arrived they discovered Hughes had left the property.

Hughes went next door to the home of Susan Dunphy, who had awoken early to prepare for a yardsale.

When Dunphy returned to her bedroom hours later, she found Hughes asleep in her bed.

Hughes was taken into custody and later released.

Dunphy provided a written statement to the court. She explained she was shocked to find the uninvited man attached to the boot poking out of her bedding.

On August 13, Hughes was picked up again by police after breaking into a crawl space in Easy Living Inc. to sleep.

“I believe Mr. Hughes is a bit of an artist,” said the Crown during sentencing on March 2.

Hughes explained to the court that he was an oxycondon addict in August of last year. He said the drug made him tired and delirious.

“I wasn’t born yesterday, Mr. Hughes,” said Judge Julian Dickson when Hughes blamed his illegal naps on his addictions.

Both incidents were violations of Hughes’ preexisting probation. He was required to keep the peace and have good behavior.

Hughes apologized for wasting the court’s time. He says he has turned his life around since his napping spree.


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