Former STU Student Sentenced to 5 months conditional sentence

February 19, 2014
For The New Brunswick Beacon

A Nova Scotia woman has been sentenced to a five-month conditional sentence after pleading guilty to assault with a weapon.

Brittany Anne Savage, 21, appeared in Fredericton Provincial court last Friday in connection with the incident in which she hit her then boyfriend, Nicholas Landers, with a metal pipe.

“Mr. Landers and Ms. Savage appeared to be in what has been described as a ‘toxic’ relationship,” said Judge Julian Dickson.

On the evening of July 1, 2013, both Landers and Savage were drunk in a Fredericton apartment. The two got into an argument, and as it escalated, Savage began to beat her boyfriend with an exercise chin up bar.

Landers did not require any extreme medical treatment, but has some visible scarring.

Savage received a conditional sentence, meaning she will not have to spend any time in prison as long as she abides by the terms of the sentence. She has already spent 30 days in jail.

In court, Judge Dickson highlighted that it is clear that Savage was also a victim of abuse at the hands of Landers.

“His conduct was not before me in consideration, so I cannot take that into account,” said Justice Dickson, who called it a case of intimate partner violence.

In order to not spend any time in jail, Savage must remain in her home at all times except for emergencies, going to work and attending meetings and appointments. She is currently attending Alcoholics Anonymous and counseling and has been instructed to take anger management. She was also granted three hours of leisure time between 9 a.m. and noon on Saturdays.

Judge Dickson stressed to Savage she is not to contact Landers, which is an order she has had difficulty following in the past. Between July 2 and 6, Judge Dickson told the court she “foolishly” contacted him through Facebook and set up a meeting.

The Crown had originally requested Savage spend more time in jail, but Justice Dickson deemed it unnecessary, as she is a young offender with no criminal record, she plead guilty, is remorseful and has apologized to the court, Landers and his family.

She was formerly enrolled at St. Thomas University.

“I do not believe the presence of Ms. Savage would endanger the community in any way,” said Justice Dickson.

He wished her the best of luck, but sent her off with a warning.

“Now Ms. Savage, I want you to understand one thing. In a conditional sentence you’ll be monitored,” said Justice Dickson.

“You will be watched.”

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